April 18, 2022

How to Choose the Right Sportswear?

We firmly believe each one of us knows how important it is to correctly perform every movement during a workout. Choosing the right sportswear is no less of an important factor, should we wish to enjoy our activity. In the paragraphs to come, we’ve outlined the main criteria to follow in order to pick the right clothes for the sport we practice.

  1.     Fabrics

It is extremely important to feel comfortable and confident in the clothes we wear, especially when we are on the move. When it comes to choosing the right sports outfit, the quality of the fabric and workmanship is key. It is highly recommended to choose quick-drying, breathable fabrics that allow the body to move easily and freely at all times. Fabrics, which have a tightening effect and compress the muscles and body, provide an additional benefit we can take advantage of. We should not forget that many of the new sports fabrics also offer UV protection. The choice of such a material is recommended for all fans of outdoor activities.


  1.     Fitting

As much as we wish to instantly grab the great leggings we liked, we must not forget to go through the fitting room first. When choosing sportswear, it’s not enough to just look at and approve the reflection in the mirror. We need to feel the clothes and make sure we find them comfortable. It’s a good idea to move, walk outside the fitting room, and even do a few squats or jumps, no matter how crazy it sounds! It is very important that activewear gives us a sense of stability, lightness, and comfort.


  1.     Type of workout

When buying sportswear, it is essential to consider what type of activities we love. Sports bras designed for low and medium-intensity training, for example, usually have no cups and restrict movement by pressing the chest tightly. Sports bras designed for high-intensity activities have a cup that provides a high degree of support and provides comfort by reducing the movement of the bust. WildLunas’ stylish solution is a crop top with a built-in bustier, which fits snugly and shapes the body of its owner. Its cups can be removed or added at any time, which makes it super functional and suitable for any type of workout.

  1.     Color

The color of the clothes we choose also matters – both on a physical and psychological level. If we put on black sportswear on a hot July day, for example, and plan to train outdoors, we will most likely regret that we did, given the inevitable effect. In addition, colors have been shown to affect blood pressure – blue and green colors lower it while yellow and red increase it. Bright colors increase the heart rate and are therefore suitable for high-intensity training, while neutral, pastel tones are associated with a sense of balance, which makes them suitable for practicing yoga, for example.

  1.     Details

Last but not least, we have to consider the additional functionalities. Those details of the activewear that we personally notice and appreciate. These can be the stylish pockets that WildLunas’ leggings offer for more practicality or that special accent in the back that shapes and lifts the butt. It can be the height of the waist, which makes us feel tight and beautiful, or the design that we just adore! The important thing is to feel comfortable and free to truly enjoy every movement.

How do we know if the leggings are too small?

The sports leggings should be easy to put on, but at the same time, they should compress the body and muscles as well as form curves. If the leggings we liked are very difficult to put on, we’d better move on to the next size. Of course, they should not be wide or loose on our body, but in case we feel too tight in the waist or groin, this will certainly create some discomfort during exercise. If they are too tight and look transparent on the body – this is also a clear sign of incorrect size. Another important tip is not to judge the leggings by the way they stand on the hanger. Functional leggings look small due to the specific material of the fabrics and the way they are made, so it is crucial to try them on.


Nowadays we have a huge variety of sporting goods and that’s great, of course! We have the opportunity to try out different options and find the ones that suit us best. We, at WildLunas, put love into every detail and we create every element carefully because we know how important it is for each of us to feel the magic of comfort and beauty. So, what are your criteria for choosing the right activewear?

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