About us

Wildlunas was created in 2019 with the mission of ultimate freedom.

Freedom of movement, freedom of thought, freedom of life.
Since then, we've been helping women feel and look like their best.

 The focus of our brand has always been on combining comfort, aesthetics and functionality. Our collection of 12 activewear models has been designed precisely with the idea of being suitable for both sports and everyday wear.

And when we say we fully understand our customers, we really mean it: the founder and key driving force behind Wildlunas is Shenay Okan. Sports played a key role in her getting to know and truly love herself. For this reason, Shenay, like thousands of women and girls, has been in search of the perfect outfit that does not compromise between beautiful design and full functionality. When she wasn’t able to find one, she went ahead and created it.

In her own words, "every woman is a source of endless energy and love."

"Movement is an amazing way to get closer to this source. I hope Wildlunas will remind more and more women that they are unique and each of them is a rare galaxy in the vast universe.”

Since 2019, Wildlunas has grown immensely. Our products are sold all over Europe and help active ladies be proud of who they are.

If you are reading these lines, you are also part of our circle of friends, and we hope that we have touched your spirit with the same care and attention that our creations touch every curve of your body.

A few facts

Wildlunas was established
in 2019.

The collection consists
of 12 products

We sell our products
all throughout Europe

We are proud to provide the best-looking designs and high quality combined with comfort and functionality.
Thanks for being a part of Wildlunas in your own special way!
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Return or exchange within 14 days
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