Does the term “microbiome” sound familiar to you? In case the answer is no or you are curious to learn more, you have definitely come to the right place – here, at Wild Lunas’ blog! In short, the microbiome microflora is the collection of all microorganisms in our bodies. Huge amounts of bacteria, viruses, and fungi can be found on our skin, in the oral cavity, and especially in the gastrointestinal tract.

The discovery that there are microbes in our body is in a way thanks to Anthony van Leeuwenhoek, who caused great surprise and excitement among scientists in the late 17th century. To date, we are noticing a growing interest in the impact of the human microbiome on our overall health, and this is exactly what we will talk about in the following lines.

Microbiome – nature and benefits

An interesting and impressive fact is that the human body is inhabited by nearly 40 trillion bacterial cells, most of which are found in the intestines. From birth, we are exposed to thousands of microorganisms that interact with each other and their environment. Contrary to some expectations, most bacterial species are not dangerous to our health, instead, they are even necessary for its proper functioning. Generally speaking, we can divide bacteria into two categories: “good” bacteria are also called probiotics, and “bad” bacteria and viruses – pathogenic. When there is a balance between them, we enjoy a healthy microbiome. It, in turn, supports the immune system, breaks down potentially toxic nutrients, and synthesizes certain vitamins and amino acids, including K and B vitamins.

What is dysbiosis?

Unfortunately, we can very easily upset the balance in our intestinal flora. This happens when the beneficial bacteria in the gut are drastically reduced or destroyed at the expense of the “bad” bacteria that begin to dominate. The condition is called “dysbiosis” and is characterized by abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, and other more serious problems of the gastrointestinal tract. Not only our physical health but also our tendency to trigger autoimmune diseases, allergies, autism, depression, anxiety, etc. depends on how many and what microbes are in our intestines. The lack of beneficial bacteria impairs immunity, alters the activity of the nervous system, increases the risk of irritable bowel syndrome or permeable bowel syndrome, as well as the risk of allergies and food intolerances. It is difficult to pinpoint a specific cause of dysbiosis because the intestinal microflora is very delicate and is influenced by many factors.

What causes an imbalance in the intestinal flora?

• Taking antibiotics

We all know the role of antibiotics – if properly selected, they successfully treat bacterial infections and help us deal with unwanted diseases. The problem comes from the fact that these drugs do not differentiate between bacteria and, along with the bad ones, destroy the good ones. It is no coincidence that doctors recommend taking probiotics while taking antibiotics – the goal is to get beneficial bacteria and prevent disruption of the intestinal flora.

• Emotional stress

Mental stress in our daily lives has an adverse effect on various organs and systems in the human body. It has a negative impact on the nervous and endocrine systems, reduces our protective and adaptive functions, and may lead to disruption of our normal bacterial environment. That is why it is crucial to maintain harmony in yourself and take care of your emotional state – the Wild Lunas Awareness Guide contains easy steps and ideas in this direction.

• Improper nutrition

The balance of the microbiome also depends on the food we eat. Sugar, highly processed foods, alcohol, and irregular diet are certainly among the main causes of intestinal imbalance. It is advisable to emphasize a healthy and varied diet rich in fiber.

In conclusion

Caring for the condition of our microbiome requires awareness and perseverance. Therefore, we recommend that you monitor your diet, and get enough sleep, and physical activity to maintain balance both physically and mentally.

Fellow Wild Lunas, we’re all aware that in today’s life the lack of time for sports is not just a hollow excuse, but the (sad) truth itself. However, it is of the utmost importance to stay healthy and active, so this week we’ll share our 7 steps to successfully weave sports into our busy schedule or daily routines.

Below these 7 steps, you will find a short list of our favorite places to practice some of the most desired activities.


It is much easier to make our intentions a reality if we’ve removed most of the obstacles in advance. “What type of clothes should I prepare for the workout? What are the working hours of the studio? Do I have a convenient route there at all? ” We can easily answer these types of questions in advance so that we are fully prepared to act the next day. Preparation is the way to combat procrastination, decision fatigue, and even anxiety.

And one last quick piece of advice on ‘planning’: putting the work out in the work calendar makes it much easier to follow through with.

Achievable Goals

Being realistic plays a key role in the successful introduction of sports into our everyday life. This happens through setting the right goals. It’s extremely sad when we get demotivated by our rapid fatigue during workouts after a long period of a sedentary lifestyle, for example. This is a feeling that can make us stop attending further activities. The situation is similar when we compare our results and pace with our workout buddies. Seeing the person on the treadmill next to ours last twice as long at twice the speed and twice the ground incline can be devastating if we’re not prepared that this is perfectly normal. In order to be healthy, everything must be gradual. The goals we set for long-term results should start with very small and simple steps: a 30-minute walk, a very light workout (maybe even at home), or a 10-minute jog… Each of these actions is better than nothing and can have an amazing impact sometimes.

Sport as a Means of Focus

Another step towards introducing sports into our daily life is to understand how positive and beneficial these sessions can be. During physical activity, we can give freedom to our consciousness to soar wherever it wants or to focus on an important topic for us. This is a time for ourselves. And the benefits of combining physical activity with mindfulness can be noticed even on a purely physical level: in addition to the well-known long-term effects such as a gorgeous body, regular exercise revitalizes our motor system. As mentioned above, a sedentary lifestyle can lead to a number of problems, and not letting your muscles atrophy will pay off handsomely in the near future.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications can help tremendously with our responsibility and motivation when we try to make sports a habit. Result tracking, reminders, and notifications are valuable features that a smartphone can help us with. The main app we use is Productive, but there are a bunch of other effective solutions on the market like BetterMe, Perfectly Happy, and Habitica. Most of them have a completely satisfactory free version.

Favorite Time for Working Out

If we figure out what our favorite time of the day for sports is, we significantly increase our chances of success. Yes, it sounds great to do a jog with a friend, but if their most active hours are in the evening and we feel most energized in the morning, it will significantly reduce our motivation and results to join their schedule. Different people have different biological rhythms, so coming to terms with our own is a key step.


As already mentioned, we don’t have to set world records when we return to a more active lifestyle. However, it is important to be consistent, and once we’ve started exercising, to keep it light, yet consistent. Building a ritual or habit is achieved with a lot of patience and motivation, which is enabled by the aforementioned mobile apps. Consistency also doesn’t necessarily mean maintaining daily activity. In the beginning, it may be even once a week, as long as the process is initiated and doesn’t get put on hold.

Changing the Environment

Here, as in most other areas of life, it’s a good idea to change the conditions on a regular. The variety of environments – at home, outdoors, or indoors – maintains our interest in the activity, and can even lead us to try different sports and find our new favorite among them. Each type of space has its big advantages, so it would be great to strive to make a healthy mix, at least until we get into a rhythm and are convinced we have found our thing.

Our Recommendations

And to help out with the preparations recommended in the first point, we’ve put together a short list of our favorite yoga and Pilates studios – two of the practices we believe to be pretty much universal:



We will be happy to learn what your favorite activities and places for sports are, Wild Lunas. Keep emailing us, DM-ing us on Instagram, and being awesome!

We firmly believe each one of us knows how important it is to correctly perform every movement during a workout. Choosing the right sportswear is no less of an important factor, should we wish to enjoy our activity. In the paragraphs to come, we’ve outlined the main criteria to follow in order to pick the right clothes for the sport we practice.

  1.     Fabrics

It is extremely important to feel comfortable and confident in the clothes we wear, especially when we are on the move. When it comes to choosing the right sports outfit, the quality of the fabric and workmanship is key. It is highly recommended to choose quick-drying, breathable fabrics that allow the body to move easily and freely at all times. Fabrics, which have a tightening effect and compress the muscles and body, provide an additional benefit we can take advantage of. We should not forget that many of the new sports fabrics also offer UV protection. The choice of such a material is recommended for all fans of outdoor activities.


  1.     Fitting

As much as we wish to instantly grab the great leggings we liked, we must not forget to go through the fitting room first. When choosing sportswear, it’s not enough to just look at and approve the reflection in the mirror. We need to feel the clothes and make sure we find them comfortable. It’s a good idea to move, walk outside the fitting room, and even do a few squats or jumps, no matter how crazy it sounds! It is very important that activewear gives us a sense of stability, lightness, and comfort.


  1.     Type of workout

When buying sportswear, it is essential to consider what type of activities we love. Sports bras designed for low and medium-intensity training, for example, usually have no cups and restrict movement by pressing the chest tightly. Sports bras designed for high-intensity activities have a cup that provides a high degree of support and provides comfort by reducing the movement of the bust. WildLunas’ stylish solution is a crop top with a built-in bustier, which fits snugly and shapes the body of its owner. Its cups can be removed or added at any time, which makes it super functional and suitable for any type of workout.

  1.     Color

The color of the clothes we choose also matters – both on a physical and psychological level. If we put on black sportswear on a hot July day, for example, and plan to train outdoors, we will most likely regret that we did, given the inevitable effect. In addition, colors have been shown to affect blood pressure – blue and green colors lower it while yellow and red increase it. Bright colors increase the heart rate and are therefore suitable for high-intensity training, while neutral, pastel tones are associated with a sense of balance, which makes them suitable for practicing yoga, for example.

  1.     Details

Last but not least, we have to consider the additional functionalities. Those details of the activewear that we personally notice and appreciate. These can be the stylish pockets that WildLunas’ leggings offer for more practicality or that special accent in the back that shapes and lifts the butt. It can be the height of the waist, which makes us feel tight and beautiful, or the design that we just adore! The important thing is to feel comfortable and free to truly enjoy every movement.

How do we know if the leggings are too small?

The sports leggings should be easy to put on, but at the same time, they should compress the body and muscles as well as form curves. If the leggings we liked are very difficult to put on, we’d better move on to the next size. Of course, they should not be wide or loose on our body, but in case we feel too tight in the waist or groin, this will certainly create some discomfort during exercise. If they are too tight and look transparent on the body – this is also a clear sign of incorrect size. Another important tip is not to judge the leggings by the way they stand on the hanger. Functional leggings look small due to the specific material of the fabrics and the way they are made, so it is crucial to try them on.


Nowadays we have a huge variety of sporting goods and that’s great, of course! We have the opportunity to try out different options and find the ones that suit us best. We, at WildLunas, put love into every detail and we create every element carefully because we know how important it is for each of us to feel the magic of comfort and beauty. So, what are your criteria for choosing the right activewear?

Let’s be completely honest. How often do we REALLY listen to our inner female voice and hear the sincere desires and impulses of our body and mind? How often do we allow ourselves to pay attention and respond to them? Unfortunately, in most cases, not very often. Each one of us has met a woman who radiates magnetism and femininity in a way that attracts and enchants. This is the unadulterated feminine energy that we must awaken in order to feel complete and happy.

How to awaken our feminine force?

We recently talked about some of the ways to awaken our feminine strength by talking about Feminine Energy and How to Thrive in it. And now we will let you in on another secret – that of the role of pleasure in our beautiful female world. The truth, Wild Moons, is that pleasure awakens our femininity and shows its brilliance and grandeur in a way that only we can feel.

The key here is to look closely and understand our needs and then meet them.

How to achieve bliss?

  • Relax

That’s right, each of us deserves to enjoy a proper vacation. Whether we visit a luxury spa and wellness center, undergo beauty treatments or just spend a chill day at home – all this brings satisfaction and helps to restore harmony within ourselves. It is extremely important to find time to break away from everyday life and allow our minds to rest from the chaos of the day.

  • Conscious eating

Let’s remember the importance of the food we eat. The effect of healthy and quality food on our health, emotions, and mood have been proven, so it is important to pay attention to our eating habits and not just that. It is key to pay attention to the whole process and enjoy the moment. Just as we advised in the WildLunas’ Guide to Mindfulness. When we cook something new, something exotic, and focus on the taste perceptions, only then do we discover how much pleasure there is in these moments!

  • Body care

Yes, it is extremely important to feel good in our skin! And this does not mean that we need to be vain or demanding of ourselves. On the contrary, we need to find something that makes us feel beautiful. We, at Wild Lunas, hold on to comfort, and

  • Creativity and sharing

We have all heard about the creative power of female energy. And to be more specific, here are a few ideas to perform:

o Volunteering in an initiative that excites us

o Sharing our knowledge with other people who need advice, guidance or support

o Participation in the organization of a festival in the city

o Enrollment in a creative workshop where we can unleash our skills and imagination

          Starting a photography course or lessons in a new language

The feeling of being useful and creative offers the most valuable reward – inner satisfaction and a sense of harmony. When we know that we are contributing and someone on the other side appreciates it, it invariably makes us shine and feel significant. It is no coincidence that our support for various causes is so fundamental for WildLunas.

  • Sex

Sex is one of the most obvious and logical sources of pleasure in our daily lives and should not be underestimated. The ability to seduce is innate, and the more we master it, the more we express our femininity and sexuality. When we know what we like and share it with our partner; when we feel good in our skin and allow our fantasies to come true – then we allow the natural beauty in us to shine. Then we can be whatever we want – brave, daring, crazy and free. Or gentle, delicate and fragile.

In conclusion

Well, that’s the feminine power – wild and unbridled, then quiet and loving. It’s the magic that we must discover in ourselves and allow it to manifest at the right time. And let’s not forget – we can find pleasure in the smallest details, in the simplest experiences and moments. The important thing is to listen to our female voice and indulge in the natural urge that we own.

freedom of body and mind. It is no coincidence that all our creations are made from light, breathable fabric that fits gently on the body, shaping each of our curves in a unique way. Because every woman deserves to feel special and unique.

Всички сме чували за съзидателната сила на женската енергия. И за да бъдем конкретни, веднага даваме няколко идеи:

o   Доброволчество в инициатива, която ни вълнува

o   Споделяне на знанията си с други хора, които имат нужда от съвет, насока или подкрепа

o   Участие в организирането на фестивал в града

o   Записване в творческа работилница, където да развихрим уменията и въображението си Започване на курс по фотография или уроци по нов език

Чувството да бъдем полезни и да творим предлага най-ценната награда - вътрешно удовлетворение и чувство за хармония. Когато знаем, че допринасяме с нещо и някой отсреща го цени, то това неизменно ни кара да се чувстваме значими и да блестим. Нe случайно подкрепата ни за различни каузи е толкова фундаментална за WildLunas.

Сексът е един от най-очевидните източници на удоволствие в нашето ежедневие и в никакъв случай не бива да се подценява. Умението да съблазняваме ни е вродено и колкото повече го усъвършенстваме, толкова по-силно изразяваме нашата женственост и сексуалност. Когато знаем какво харесваме и го споделяме с партньора; когато се чувстваме добре в кожата си и позволяваме на фантазиите ни да се осъществят - тогава даваме възможност на естествената красота у нас да блесне. Тогава можем да бъдем каквито пожелаем - смели, дръзки, щури и освободени. Или пък нежни, деликатни и крехки.

В заключение

Такава е женската сила - дива и необуздана, а после - тиха и любяща. Това е магията, която сами трябва да открием в себе си, за да й позволим да се прояви в правилния момент. И нека не забравяме - удоволствие можем да намерим и в най-малките детайли, в най-простичките преживявания и моменти. Важното е да се вслушаме в женския си глас и да се отдадем на естествения порив, който всяка от нас притежава


Nowadays, the image of the strong, independent, ambitious woman has been raised into a kind of cult. At WildLunas, we are all in favor of this concept, but – as with everything else – in its moderate manifestations. Anything taken to the extreme is bad, so the most important thing is to seek balance, maintain harmony and achieve inner peace. It may sound a bit surprising, but these goals are completely in line with both the concept of strength and freedom, as well as the concept of peace. But how do we get into our feminine energy; how to be there and reap the full benefits of it as we thrive on our careers and busy daily lives – this is the question we’re addressing this week.

In the lines to follow we will dive into the essence of feminine energy and ways to immerse ourselves in it.

What Is Feminine Energy?

We keep hearing of it under different names: feminine energy, feminine essence, or simply femininity. At its core, this is the natural source of harmony we need to feel satisfied, fulfilled, and well in our skin.

Depending on the interpretation we turn to, we can see different definitions, but they all speak of the same thing. Eastern teachings focus on the “powers of Heaven and Earth” as the two basic principles on which everything is based. Hindu teachings call them Shiva and Shakti, in Taoism they’re Yin and Yang, and for Tibetans, they are known as Yab and Yum.

While the male energy is more aggressive, assertive, and bold, the feminine is accepting and receiving. It is believed that the woman is pure energy that flows and changes like the waters of a river. That is why its main characteristics are humidity, water, and (our favorite here, at WildLunas) the Moon. Feminine energy is also poured through the properties inherent in our gender: sensitivity, empathy, care, and devotion.

Being successful and brave does not contradict being feminine: everyone has both feminine and masculine energy, but it is crucial that the feminine dominates in us, ladies, in order to be in perfect harmony with ourselves.

How Do We Tap into Our Feminine Energy?

It would probably come as a surprise to many, but feminine energy is not a combination of vain manifestations such as piles of shiny jewelry and accessories, expensive manicures, and fake hair. Appearance has its part, but it in itself doesn’t have the power to provide an influx of feminine energy. For example, it’s obvious that women in WildLunas’ activewear look no less gentle and elegant than contestants in a beauty competition. This is precisely because if we are in harmony with nature, the unadulterated feminine energy flows from every fiber of our being, no matter what circumstances we are in. Here are some easy steps to achieve this magical result:

  1. Enjoy the journey.

Avoid constant competing and comparing. There’s no need for outside validation. It’s much more valuable to be in the present, to enjoy the journey. Focusing on the result is typical of male energy, so we recommend you indulge in the joy of the process.

  1. Note and point out the positive traits of others.

It’s important for pure energy not to be blocked by spite, jealousy, or other negative thoughts. Pay attention to the positives and dignity of others and be open about it. Spreading love is a key part of connecting with unadulterated feminine energy and we highly recommend it.

  1. Feel comfortable in your own skin.

If you manage to feel feminine in comfy everyday clothes and with little or no makeup, your connection with the source of feminine charge is a given!

  1. Mind your vocabulary.

Speech and the way of expression are key parts of forming a sense of self and the world. Try to choose positive and affirmative words – both when you talk about yourself and when you talk about others. The same goes for your internal dialogue – even inside your mind, it’s good to encourage the use of positive, inspiring vocabulary and not judge and criticize unnecessarily.

  1. Accept help.

As we’ve already mentioned, the heart of feminine energy is acceptance and receiving. Being vulnerable or accepting help makes you even more genuine and down-to-earth, instead of striving to be always strong and independent. By accepting the reaching hand – sometimes even for mundane chores – you’ll feel relief and you’ll most likely make the other person feel good, useful, and needed.

  1. Indulge in women’s activities.

It may sound trivial, but connecting with other women is key to our energy flow. Socializing with girlfriends, going out in women’s company, and attending dances, yoga, or literary clubs are a small part of the drivers of the natural flow.

  1. Create.

The essence of every woman’s soul is to create and breathe life. Creativity is extremely important for connecting with our natural energy. Handmade jewelry, knitwear, paintings, or any other form of art – even if not caressed by others – are a portal to personal satisfaction.

  1. Take time for yourself.

Ideally, at least an hour a day will be set aside for yourself in your own schedule. No matter how you fill it, the important thing is for it to be at your discretion. A walk, bed rest with a romantic movie, a beauty procedure, a creative session (see point 7), or reading a book – everything is allowed, as long as it brings you a feeling of freedom and satisfaction.

  1. Love.

Along with creation, there is nothing more natural for a woman than to love. Our mission is to give and receive love. Don’t be afraid to devote yourself, to trust, to love. Yes, it might be risky, but it will teach you many lessons, you will experience many things, and you will enjoy many meaningful moments, instead of spending your time on Earth half-heartedly, avoiding everything new and uncertain.


Feminine energy is a vast subject, just like its source. However, many of us feel the need to connect with it and there are a number of ways to get in and stay in harmony with it. Being feminine, vulnerable, gentle, and accepting is a challenge and a calling, and when we embrace it, we finally begin to experience the much-desired peace, satisfaction, and fulfillment. We, at WildLunas, put female energy on a pedestal – raw, wild, free, loving…

What better way to start our brand new blog than with the inspiring topic of mindfulness! We, at WildLunas, value mindfulness highly because the connection between body and mind is fundamental in our philosophy.

Starting today, we’ll do our best to provide useful resources and insight, so let us know if we’re doing a good job!

What Is Mindfulness

Mindfulness, in short, is the ability to bring our attention to the present moment and observe the surrounding environment without judging. It involves both awareness and acceptance. When we practice mindfulness, we truly experience the current moment, aware of where we are, without dwelling on the past or imagining the future.

Not surprisingly, due to its ever-growing popularity, mindfulness has been extensively studied. Clinical and academic research has been conducted on numerous occasions and the conclusions usually show that mindfulness helps improve a person’s overall wellbeing in various ways. For example, a study done by the University of Wisconsin found that, after just 8 weeks of training, practicing mindfulness meditation boosts our immune system’s ability to fight off illness and improves sleep quality.

One of the most popular instruments researchers use to measure mindfulness is the Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale. It’s a 15-item questionnaire that indicates the levels of dispositional mindfulness – the higher the end result – the better. It takes just a few minutes to fill out but provides valuable insight.

Types of mindfulness practices

Mindfulness practices can include a wide variety of different exercises and activities. Here are some of them.

  1. Loving-kindness meditation – one of the most common mindfulness practices. It is also known as Metta meditation and promotes feelings of compassion for yourself and others.
  2. Journaling – a very powerful tool that helps you observe your thoughts and feelings. It’s easy to perform and is a judgment-free zone – writing things down will make you aware of why you are stressed, where anxiety comes from, as well as will help you understand yourself and your brain better.
  3. Mindful breathing – another way to cultivate mindfulness. the idea is to focus your attention on your own breath, on the way it feels on each inhale and exhale. It is a very powerful meditation practice that reduces stress levels in your body and decreases negative thinking.
  4. Visualization – a targeted meditation technique that involves focusing on something specific – a person, object, or goal, so as to hold your attention.
  5. Body scanning – a very powerful mindful exercise that encourages you to scan your body for areas of tension. It includes carefully imagining each part of your body from head to toe and paying attention to any sensations.
  6. Mindful movement – hands down, one of our favorite mindful practices! It involves physical exercises like stretching and yoga, which stimulate you to connect with your body and focus on the way it feels as it moves. This is precisely the type of activity WildLunas’ creations are designed for. Our activewear puts an emphasis on comfort and freedom of movement while allowing you to feel great about your body.

Benefits of Mindfulness Practices

There is a large base of evidence suggesting that people who incorporate mindfulness practices into their lives tend to report a wide variety of positive outcomes. Increased levels of happiness, acceptance, and compassion, as well as a greater sense of personal well-being, are part of the benefits. On top of that, mindfulness-based techniques can help reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.

How Often Should Mindfulness Be Practiced

There is no right or wrong answer when talking about recommended frequency. There are different opinions on this topic and each of them has its strong and evidence-backed arguments. The consensus, however, is that repetition and consistent engagement are of utmost importance. Of course, you are more likely to be dedicated if you enjoy the practice, but we can guarantee that even if you don’t, you should keep going because sometimes it’s an acquired taste.

3 Simple Steps to Begin With

If you are considering to start practicing meditation you most probably have some struggles in your daily life or you simply wish to perform better.

1. Do some research and choose.

There are many types of meditation techniques and plenty of resources. Guides, apps, YouTube videos, Spotify podcasts, and real practitioners. Here are a few examples of great mobile apps to get you started:

  1. Headspace
  2. Calm
  3. MoodFit
  4. MindShift CBT

Regardless of which form of mindfulness practice you choose to begin with, make sure that the instructor/team behind it has proper expertise and experience. You can find what motivates them to do that, check their background, and look for any shared beliefs and values. Sometimes practitioners of mindfulness may be licensed psychotherapists, but it’s not a mandatory requirement.

2. Explore.

There are so many activities that may be done mindfully. If you don’t like the technique you are currently practicing – change it, try something new. Be curious and explore the opportunities out there. Find like-minded people who have more experience and knowledge in this field, share your thoughts and feedback, look for role models, etc. If, for example, breathing exercises before sleep are not your thing, go ahead and try short mid-day meditations, morning walks, or anything else that you suspect you might find relaxing.

3. Be good to yourself.

Mindfulness is not a special talent or skill that requires you to change. It’s an intimate, rather than abstract experience. Anyone can do it and benefit from it, it takes time and practice to fully immerse yourself and reap the benefits. You don’t need to put pressure on yourself and expect great results in a short period of time.


Being present in the current moment might be very challenging at first. It is crucial to accept the thoughts and feelings that appear in a non-judgmental way. Yes, it does take time to master meditation and get the most out of it, but it is definitely worth giving it a try. Mindful living can help you improve your overall well-being. The active and mindful way of life is at the core of WildLunas’ philosophy – we embed it in every fiber of our creations, so make sure you have a look at them and provide yourself with the comfort and freedom you deserve.

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