Feminine Energy and How to Thrive in It


Nowadays, the image of the strong, independent, ambitious woman has been raised to a kind of cult. At WildLunas, we are all in favor of this concept, but – as with everything else – in its moderate manifestations. Anything taken to the extreme is bad, so the most important thing is to seek balance, maintain harmony and achieve inner peace. It may sound a bit surprising, but these goals are completely in line with both the concept of strength and freedom, as well as the concept of peace. But how do we get into our feminine energy; how to be there and reap the full benefits of it as we thrive on our careers and busy daily lives – this is the question we’re addressing this week.

In the lines to follow we will dive into the essence of feminine energy and ways to immerse ourselves into it.

What Is Feminine Energy?

We keep hearing of it under different names: feminine energy, feminine essence or simply femininity. At its core, this is the natural source of harmony we need to feel satisfied, fulfilled, and well in our skin.

Depending on the interpretation we turn to, we can see different definitions, but they all speak of the same thing. Eastern teachings focus on the “powers of Heaven and Earth” as the two basic principles on which everything is based. Hindu teachings call them Shiva and Shakti, in Taoism they’re Yin and Yang, and for Tibetans they are known as Yab and Yum.

While the male energy is more aggressive, assertive, and bold, feminine is accepting and receiving. It is believed that the woman is pure energy which flows and changes like the waters of a river. That is why its main characteristics are humidity, water, and (our favorite here, at WildLunas) the Moon. Feminine energy is also poured through the properties inherent in our gender: sensitivity, empathy, care and devotion.

Being successful and brave does not contradict being feminine: everyone has both feminine and masculine energy, but it is crucial that the feminine dominates in us, ladies, in order to be in perfect harmony with ourselves.

How Do We Tap into Our Feminine Energy?

It would probably come as a surprise to many, but feminine energy is not a combination of vain manifestations such as piles of shiny jewelry and accessories, expensive manicures and fake hair. Appearance has its part, but it in itself doesn’t have the power to provide an influx of feminine energy. For example, it’s obvious that women in WildLunas’ activewear look no less gentle and elegant than contestants in a beauty competition. This is precisely because if we are in harmony with nature, the unadulterated feminine energy flows from every fiber of our being, no matter what circumstances we are in. Here are some easy steps to achieve this magical result:

    1. Enjoy the journey.

    Avoid constant competing and comparing. There’s no need of outside validation. It’s much more valuable to be in the present, to enjoy the journey. Focusing on the result is typical of male energy, so we recommend you indulge in the joy of the process.


    1. Note and point out the positive traits of others.

    It’s important for pure energy not to be blocked by spite, jealousy, or other negative thoughts. Pay attention to the positives and dignity of others and be open about it. Spreading love is a key part of connecting with unadulterated feminine energy and we highly recommend it.


    1. Feel comfortable in your own skin.

    If you manage to feel feminine in comfy everyday clothes and with little or no makeup, your connection with the source of feminine charge is a given!


    1. Mind your vocabulary.

    Speech and the way of expression are a key part of forming a sense of self and the world. Try to choose positive and affirmative words – both when you talk about yourself and when you talk about others. Same goes for your internal dialogue – even inside your mind it’s good to encourage the use of positive, inspiring vocabulary and to not judge and criticize unnecessarily.


    1. Accept help.

    As we’ve already mentioned, the heart of feminine energy is acceptance and receiving. Being vulnerable or accepting help makes you even more genuine and down-to-earth, instead of striving to be always strong and independent. By accepting the reaching hand – sometimes even for mundane chores – you’ll feel a relief and you’ll most likely make the other person feel good, useful and needed.


    1. Indulge in women’s activities.

    It may sound trivial, but connecting with other women is key to our energy flow. Socializing with girlfriends, going out in women’s company, attending dances, yoga, or literary clubs are a small part of the drivers of natural flow.


    1. Create.

    The essence of every woman’s soul is to create and to breathe life. Creativity is extremely important for connecting with our natural energy. Handmade jewelry, knitwear, paintings, or any other form of art – even if not caressed by others – are a portal to personal satisfaction.


    1. Take time for yourself.

    Ideally, at least an hour a day will be set aside for yourself in your own schedule. No matter how you fill it, the important thing is for it to be at your discretion. A walk, a bed rest with a romantic movie, a beauty procedure, a creative session (see point 7), or reading a book – everything is allowed, as long as it brings you a feeling of freedom and satisfaction.


    1. Love.

    Along with creation, there is nothing more natural for a woman than to love. Our mission is to give and receive love. Don’t be afraid to devote yourself, to trust, to love. Yes, it might be risky, but it will teach you many lessons, you will experience many things, and you will enjoy many meaningful moments, instead of spending your time on Earth half-heartedly, avoiding everything new and uncertain.


Feminine energy is a vast subject, just like its source. However, many of us feel the need to connect with it and there are a number of ways to get in and stay in harmony with it. Being feminine, vulnerable, gentle, and accepting is a challenge and a calling, and when we embrace it, we finally begin to experience the much-desired peace, satisfaction, and fulfillment. We, at WildLunas, put female energy on a pedestal – raw, wild, free, loving…

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