Pleasure as a female force

Let’s be completely honest. How often do we REALLY listen to our inner female voice and hear the sincere desires and impulses of our body and mind? How often do we allow ourselves to pay attention and response to them? Unfortunately, in most cases, not very often. Each one of us has met a woman who radiates magnetism and femininity in a way that attracts and enchants. This is the unadulterated feminine energy that we must awaken in order to feel complete and happy.

How to awaken our feminine force?

We recently talked about some of the ways to awaken our feminine strength by talking about Feminine Energy and How to Thrive in it. And now we will let you in on another secret – that of the role of pleasure in our beautiful female world. The truth, Wild Moons, is that pleasure awakens our femininity and shows its brilliance and grandeur in a way that only we can feel.

The key here is to look closely and understand our needs and then meet them.

How to achieve bliss?

  • Relax

That’s right, each of us deserves to enjoy a proper vacation. Whether we visit a luxury spa and wellness center, undergo beauty treatments or just spend a chill day at home – all this brings satisfaction and helps to restore harmony within ourselves. It is extremely important to find time to break away from everyday life and allow our minds to rest from the chaos of the day.

  • Conscious eating

Let’s remember the importance of the food we eat. The effect of healthy and quality food on our health, emotions and mood have been proven, so it is important to pay attention to our eating habits and not just that. It is key to pay attention to the whole process and enjoy the moment. Just as we advised in the WildLunas’ Guide to Mindfulness. When we cook something new, something exotic and focus on the taste perceptions, only then we discover how much pleasure there is in these moments!

  • Body care

Yes, it is extremely important to feel good in our skin! And this does not mean that we need to be vain or demanding of ourselves. On the contrary, we need to find something that makes us feel beautiful. We, at Wild Lunas, hold on to comfort, freedom of body and mind. It is no coincidence that all our creations are made from light, breathable fabric that fits gently on the body, shaping each of our curves in a unique way. Because every woman deserves to feel special and unique.

  • Creativity and sharing

We have all heard about the creative power of female energy. And to be more specific, here are a few ideas to perform:

o Volunteering in an initiative that excites us

o Sharing our knowledge with other people who need advice, guidance or support

o Participation in the organization of a festival in the city

o Enrollment in a creative workshop where we can unleash our skills and imagination

          Starting a photography course or lessons in a new language

The feeling of being useful and creative offers the most valuable reward – inner satisfaction and a sense of harmony. When we know that we are contributing and someone on the other side appreciates it, it invariably makes us shine and feel significant. It is no coincidence that our support for various causes is so fundamental for WildLunas.

  • Sex

Sex is one of the most obvious and logical sources of pleasure in our daily lives and should not be underestimated. The ability to seduce is innate, and the more we master it, the more we express our femininity and sexuality. When we know what we like and share it with our partner; when we feel good in our skin and allow our fantasies to come true – then we allow the natural beauty in us to shine. Then we can be whatever we want – brave, daring, crazy and free. Or gentle, delicate and fragile.

In conclusion

Well, that’s the feminine power – wild and unbridled, then quiet and loving. It’s the magic that we must discover in ourselves and allow it to manifest at the right time. And let’s not forget – we can find pleasure in the smallest details, in the simplest experiences and moments. The important thing is to listen to our female voice and indulge in the natural urge that we own.

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