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"Territory of Good Deeds": WildLunas’ Cause for March

As usual, we are super excited in the days and hours before March 8! For a number of reasons, this – as women – is one of our most favorite holidays! This time, however, we meet it with rather mixed feelings and excitement is intertwined with nervousness. We simply can’t ignore the difficult international situation we have witnessed in recent days.

The situation in Ukraine has shaken us to the core, and we, at Wild Lunas, cannot remain indifferent. As you know, we try to choose a cause to support monthly or bi-monthly, and this month the choice is clear. See more in the following lines.

About the cause

After a thorough study of organizations that provide support to Ukrainian citizens, we decided to support the Ukrainian fund “Territory of Good Deeds”. This is a charity organization that was established in 2015 as a result of hostilities in the country. The fund has 2 main areas of work. The first helps children who have witnessed the brutality of the war and suffered from it in various ways. Thanks to donations, hygiene materials, medical supplies, clothes, toys, books, and other necessary provisions are provided. The second direction is in support of the Ukrainian army. The organization communicates directly with the soldiers and is informed about their current needs. Some of the funds raised are donated for defense ammunition, medical supplies, vehicles, necessary tools, and more.

Our contribution

To be sympathetic to what is happening now, part of WildLunas’ profits will go directly to Ukraine’s ‘Territory of Good Deeds’ fund. This means that with every item you buy from WildLunas, you not only treat yourself, but you also help the children in Ukraine who have been left homeless, as well as the army there, that needs medicine, protective equipment, and a number of other supplies.

Last but not least, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the constant support and strength you give us! Let us remind you that at the beginning of last month we made a donation to “Green Balkans” TOGETHER. Protecting the wilderness is yet another mission that unites us!

We’re sure that in community and togetherness lies a great source of power and we send you lots of love and wishes for a beautiful March!

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