These general terms and conditions are intended to regulate the relations between:

  1. „Wild Lunas LTD, UIC: 206024138, with registered office and address of management: Haskovo, Str. Sun 1 – Hereinafter referred to as SUPPLIER, and
  2. Customers on the e-commerce platform wildlunas.eu – Hereinafter referred to as USER

  • General terms

Art. 1 The applicability of these general conditions:

These General Terms and Conditions are a binding agreement between the SUPPLIER and the USER in connection with the services offered by Wild Lunas LTD.

By browsing the pages, concluding a contract between the parties through the capabilities of the site, voluntarily providing personal information, clicking on the objects or links located on the pages of the e-shop of the SUPPLIER, as follows: wildlunas.eu, the USER agrees, accepts undertakes to comply with these general conditions.

  • Supplier details.

Art. 2 Information according to the Electronic Commerce Act and the Consumer Protection Act:

  • Name of the SUPPLIER:

„Wild Lunas LTD”; Haskovo city; Sun Street 1

Registration under the Value Added Tax Act № BG206024138

Art. 3  – wildlunas.eu is an e-commerce platform available on the website wildlunas.eu, through which USERS have the opportunity to enter into contracts for the sale and delivery of products offered by the SUPPLIER in the platform, including the following:

  • To give their personal data when making an online order from the e-shop of the SUPPLIER and using the additional services for providing information;
  • To review the products, their characteristics, prices and delivery conditions;
  • To conclude with the SUPPLIER contracts for purchase, sale and delivery of the products offered by the wildlunas.eu platform;
  • To make any payments in connection with the concluded contracts, upon receipt of the delivery by cash on delivery with postal money order to a freight forwarder selected by the SUPPLIER.
  • To receive information about the products offered by the SUPPLIER in the wildlunas.eu platform.
  • To be informed about the rights arising from the law, mainly through the interface of the wildlunas.eu platform .;
  • To exercise their right of withdrawal when applicable under the Consumer Protection Act.

Art. 4 The SUPPLIER in the platform www.wildlunas.eu organizes the delivery of the products and guarantees the rights of the USERS provided by the law – by virtue of the consumer or commercial law.

Art. 5 Confidentiality of personal data

  • The SUPPLIER processes and takes measures for protection of the personal data of the USER according to the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act.
  • The USER agrees that the SUPPLIER has the right to process his personal data in connection with the use of the services of the website.
  • In order to service and fulfill user orders, the SUPPLIER accepts the following personal data:
  1. name and surname
  2. e-mail
  3. contact phone
  4. invoice and delivery address
  • At any time following the initial registration, the USER has the opportunity to change the above personal data.
  • The personal data of the USER will be used exclusively and only for acceptance and execution of orders, connection with the same in case of problems related to the order and improving the service of the e-shop of the SUPPLIER.
  • The SUPPLIER undertakes in compliance with national and supranational legal requirements that your listed personal data of the USER will not to be provided in any form to third parties or used for purposes other than those described above.
  • The user does not create an account, but places an order.
  • The activity of collecting, processing and storing the personal data of the user is regulated in the Privacy Policy of the SUPPLIER, which which has been published on the e-commerce site of the same.

Art. 6 Order products online

Any order of a product or service through the e-shop system of the SUPPLIER is understood as an expressed consent to conclude a contract for distance selling, which is regulated by the Consumer Protection Act. It is related to the obligation to pay by the consumer in terms of cash on delivery by postal money order to the forwarder, offered by the SUPPLIER.

Orders are accepted 24 hours a day, as well as on weekends and public holidays.

For each order you receive an automated confirmation by e-mail.

Art. 7 Prices

All prices are in BGN with VAT included.

The prices of the products are shown without the delivery price, which you can find out on the following page www.wildlunas.eu.

The prices of the products, periodic promotions, offers and invitations are available to the USER on this site. Their formation and change is the exclusive right of the SUPPLIER.

Art. 8 Problems in order execution

In case of discrepancy between the received and ordered products or inaccuracy of fault of the SUPPLIER, the same bears the costs of subsequent return and replacement of non-compliant products.

In case of impossibility for delivery not due to the fault of the SUPPLIER, the order is returned to the SUPPLIER at the expense of the USER.

Art. 9 Delivery and receipt of products

By sending an order confirmation, the USER agrees to pay the price of the selected products and the specified value of transport costs.

Delivery address: selected in the order process after filling in the exact address, names, postal code, preferred delivery date and additional instructions.


4.1 The WildLunas online store assures its customers that within 14 days from the date of receipt, they can return a purchased product, provided that it is not used, NOT WASHED, that it is clean, without side odors (such as cream, perfume or cigarette smoke), accompanied by the original packaging, labels.

4.2 If the described conditions are not met, the claim for complaint / return will not be considered!

4.3 The courier costs for the advertised goods are at the expense of the customer.

4.4 The amounts are refunded by sending the returned goods by cash on delivery, as the costs of the shipment and NP are at the expense of the Customer.

4.5 In case of a complaint, the value of the sent goods is returned or replaced at the customer’s choice.

4.6 Shipments with returned goods, which due to improper packaging were damaged during transportation, will be returned to the customer at his expense

Art. 10 Order cancellation and return.

The WildLunas online store assures its customers that within 14 days from the date of receipt, they can return under the following conditions:

  • that it is not used, it is NOT WASHED, it is clean, without side odors, it is accompanied by the original packaging, labels.

No signs of use, impaired appearance or staining;

The original invoice or order with which the products were received is also provided;

The costs of returning the products are at the expense of the USER;

In the conditions of alternative choice on the part of the USER, the following can be performed: -replacement of the products or restoration of their value. The value of the products is restored, without the value of the delivery. All amounts paid upon delivery or on the spot are refunded only personally to the consumer within 14 days from the date on which the SUPPLIER has been notified in writing of the consumer’s refusal of the order or has received notification from the forwarder.

The address for returning products coincides with the address for sending the mentioned ones.

Art. 11 Complaints.

The SUPPLIER is responsible for any non-compliance of the product with the agreed.

In the presence of a discrepancy within the meaning of Art. 11, para. 1 of these general terms and conditions, the USER has the right to file a complaint by requesting in writing from the SUPPLIER to bring the goods in accordance with the contract of sale.

Within one month from the received written claim of the USER, the SUPPLIER is obliged to bring the product in compliance with the sales contract, when it does not comply with the sales contract. In case of unfoundedness of the written claim of the USER, the SUPPLIER notifies him in writing by e-mail given by the USER – about the unfoundedness of the claim.

The SUPPLIER is not responsible for any new defects, especially if they are caused by improper use.

The SUPPLIER is not responsible for used products for defects corresponding to the degree of use or wear of used products.

The SUPPLIER is not responsible for the use of products after the expiration date.

The SUPPLIER replies that the product will be usable throughout the shelf life.

The SUPPLIER is not responsible for hypersensitivity or allergic reaction to the delivered products.

The SUPPLIER reserves the right to change the photos of the products in the e-shop. They are illustrative only and do not constitute a binding description of the properties of the products. Their change is not a ground for filing a claim for complaint within the meaning of Art. 11, para 1 of the present general conditions.

Art. 12 Disputes

Alternative dispute resolution.

The parties agree to resolve disputes in the first place voluntarily including through mediation.

In case of disputes regarding obligations arising from contracts for online sales, in which no agreement has been reached, the parties agree to refer it to the bodies for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) under the terms and conditions of Article 181a et seq. CPA, mentioned in Article 2, paragraph 3 of these general conditions.

Art. 13 Content and copyright.

The Website contains copyrighted materials and texts, images, graphic logos, graphics, trademark logos, databases and software that are owned or licensed by the provider and are protected by Bulgarian and other applicable laws and conventions on copyright, related and other rights on intellectual property.

Reproduction of the content of the website and / or any of its intellectual property elements may be carried out only with the written consent of the provider or its representatives.

Use of the Services and the Website does not grant users any rights to the intellectual property as a whole or to any part of it.

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